South Africa – the next big emerging market story

Goldman Sachs has identified South Africa as the “big emerging market story” of 2018, especially given the possibility of declining interest rates and a strengthening rand.

“With emerging assets still well bid as we enter 2018, investors are looking for ‘the next big emerging market story’ akin to Brazil in 2016 and Mexico in early 2017. South Africa is at the top of the list of potential candidates, given the market-friendly ANC leadership outcome,” says the report.

According to Brand South Africa, there are encouraging indications that 2018 will be a year of continued positive transformation for South Africa and its people. The confidence of local and international investors remains high as attested by various reputable international investment bodies.

South Africa is positioned at No.2 in the Africa Competitiveness Report, which sees the country’s global ranking for 2016-17 improved by nine places – from 56 in the 2014-15 47 out of 138 countries worldwide.

South Africa also ranks No.4 in the most attractive investment destination in Africa, based on the growth factor of the gross domestic product (GDP), ease of doing business in the country and significant population, according to the 2016-2017 Africa Investment Index 2016 by Quantum Global Research Lab.

The recently released 2017 Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance states that South Africa ranks No.6 of 54 African countries for its quality of governance, with the 2017 Ernst and Young Attractiveness Programme indicating that South Africa continues to be the top Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destination in Sub-Saharan Africa and in 2017 attracted the bulk of FDI projects destined for the continent with a share of 20.6%, Egypt at 11.7%, Morocco at 12%, Nigeria at 7.5%, and Kenya at 5.9%.

South Africa’s reputation ranks 45 out of 71 countries and is among the BRICS countries, positioned in 3rd place with Brazil and India in first and second place respectively, reports the 2017 Country RepTrak® study conducted by Reputation House. With these indicators comes the firm resolution to achieve desired results and meet deliverables.

Whatever the challenges, we envision a South Africa where values and attitudes that foster peace and goodwill are exhibited – a country where citizens are actively involved in their communities, and most of all, a nation that is deepening its democratic dispensation and strengthening its systems of governance.




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