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Building a Successful Team

I believe we are experiencing a massive shift in how companies think about company culture.

Go back a few years, and it was all about novelties to draw top talent: big screen televisions, open work spaces, Ping-pong tables and baristas on the payroll.

But now we’re past the novelties. What people want out of their 40-hour work weeks goes so much deeper than “keg Fridays” and late-start Wednesdays.

Today’s Millennial and Gen Z workforce members are looking for something much greater than just a paycheque and a cool office.

What they want is to be part of a team. They want to be emotionally involved. They want to feel ownership in the same way each player on a hockey team feels ownership — you’re responsible, and you’re expected to bring value to the collective. Teams require everyone to share the same goals. Teams thrive off the idea that the collective is greater than the sum of all its parts. Teams succeed when people learn how to bring out the best in one another.

If you want to build this sort of company culture, here’s the one golden rule you need to follow:

People want to know that their involvement matters.

Too often, employees are given too little credit. Especially young employees. Their lack of experience is seen as a setback instead of an opportunity. But by treating them as “just another cog in the machine,” they begin to internalize those feelings — and next thing you know, you’ve got another “team” of lackluster players. Do not treat employees as objects who are there to simply perform a task, then that’s the culture you create.

You need to empower each member to know their value, and to nurture that value over time, that ends up building an unrivaled culture.

And in this massive culture transition, it’s going to be the companies that understand how to treat each and every employee as a person worth nurturing that will ultimately become the most successful.

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