The Benchmark Total Solution

Benchmark (BMK Token), a Malta-registered cryptocurrency operating in Africa, is investing millions of dollars into a smart economy to power recycling and waste to energy plants. The Benchmark Total Solution promotes recycling rate of 500 tonnes of material per site, 50% is recycled back into paper and plastics manufacturing – the remaining 50% is converted into energy through selected waste to energy technologies. The result is close to zero waste to the landfill which is fantastic for the economy and that environment.

Benchmark is happy to announce that USD75 million will be raised via cryptocurrency investments and a security token issued on the blockchain as an investment tool to provide the necessary funding to get plants in the initial phase up and running.

According to Benchmark CEO, Pieter Coetzer who spoke at a gathering of investors and enthusiasts at the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton, Johannesburg, “We are providing a great opportunity to investors to buy the Benchmark Token and get a chance to participate in various investments with a return on investment of 40% from the second year onwards. We are currently in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) stage in terms of our crypto currency, and we are set to raise up to USD30 million by the end of 2018. These initial funds are being channelled into recycling, waste to energy, a real estate investment trust, and a hedge fund. We do this to ensure that buyers of the BMK get a real return on investment based on performance of the wide range of sustainable businesses we invest into.”

Benchmark International, Head of Strategic Relations, Chris Mutale said, “Benchmark is passionate about people. We are committed to ensuring that in the new economy, we take opportunities to people who need the jobs as well as create small businesses to feed into and off our strategically positioned recycling and energy plants.

Benchmark Chief Operating Officer, Denis Quayle – said that “CryptoCurrency has many and increasing uses in the new economy and is becoming a very practical medium of exchange. We can give real value in real businesses to holders of the BMK Token, with strong projected growth in the long run.”

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